Sea Ports & Dry Ports

    Reach stackers are powered by diesel or electric engines, depending on the model and application. They are typically equipped with advanced features such as hydraulic systems for smooth lifting and lowering of containers, advanced control systems for precise handling, and safety features such as load sensing devices and stability control systems to ensure safe operations.

    Front container handlers, also known as front-mounted container handlers or simply container handlers, are specialized vehicles used in ports, terminals, and logistics facilities for the handling of shipping containers. These vehicles are designed to lift and transport containers from the front, providing efficient and versatile container handling capabilities.

    Empty container handler, also known as an empty container handler truck or an empty container forklift, is a specialized type of material handling equipment used in ports, terminals, and logistics facilities for the handling of empty shipping containers. These vehicles are designed to lift, transport, stack, and destack empty containers in a safe and efficient manner.

    Terminal Tractor, also known as a yard tractor, yard truck, or shunt truck, is a specialized type of heavy-duty vehicle used in seaports and container terminals for the movement of containers and other cargo within the terminal yard. Terminal tractors are designed to efficiently transport containers and cargo over short distances, usually within the confines of a port or terminal facility.

    Trailers are specialized vehicles that are designed to be towed by a powered vehicle, such as a truck or tractor, for the transportation of goods and cargo. They come in various types, sizes, and configurations to suit different transportation needs. Here are some common types of trailers:

    Ports rail service, also known as port rail operations or port rail logistics, refers to the transportation of goods and cargo by rail within or around a port or maritime terminal. Rail transportation is an important mode of freight transportation for ports, as it provides an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly means of moving large volumes of cargo.

    Crane spreaders are designed to securely grip containers and provide safe and efficient handling during loading and unloading operations. They come in various types, sizes, and configurations to suit different types of containers and handling equipment.

    Mobile harbor crane, also known as a mobile harbour crane or MHC, is a type of large, mobile crane specifically designed for handling heavy loads and cargo in port and harbor environments. It is typically mounted on rubber tires or tracks, allowing it to move easily within the port or terminal area and reach different berths or quays for loading and unloading operations.

    Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes are specialized types of mobile gantry cranes that are used in container handling operations in ports, terminals, and intermodal yards. They are designed to lift and move containers within the terminal yard or stacking area, and are commonly used for stacking, organizing, and transferring containers between storage areas, trucks, and railcars.

    Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes, also known as quay cranes, are large gantry cranes used in ports and terminals for loading and unloading containers from ships. They are typically located at the edge of the quay or pier and are used to handle containers between the ship and the shore, transferring them to and from the terminal yard or other transport modes, such as trucks or railcars.

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