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    Aircraft Towing Tractors

    Aircraft towing tractors, also known as aircraft tugs or tow tractors, are specialized vehicles used in aviation for towing and maneuvering aircraft on the ground. These vehicles are designed to safely and efficiently move aircraft in various settings, such as airports, hangars, maintenance facilities, and other areas where aircraft need to be relocated.

    An airfield lighting system is a complex arrangement of lighting fixtures and equipment that is installed at airports and airfields to provide visual guidance to pilots during takeoff, landing, taxiing, and parking operations. These lighting systems are critical for ensuring safe and efficient aircraft operations, especially during low visibility conditions. Here's a general overview of the components and steps involved in setting up an airfield lighting system:

    Baggage Handling Machine

    KARSAZ is authorized agent of world renowned manufacturer and member of PROAVIA (French Trade Association) MATREX. MATREX designs, manufacturers and installs airport baggage-handling systems and passenge-processing solutions worldwide. Their systems, designed to last meet latest international security regulations. It has developed both industrial and logistic know-how through its numerous achievements in pharmacuetical, logistical industry as well as food-processing, automotive industry and airport et dolore magna aliquyam erat,

    Airport Runway Sweeper

    KARSAZ offers several sweeper Models specifically tailored for today's complex airport infrastructure.Weather your facility needs a dedicated high speed runway sweeper, a general all-purpose airport sweeper, a parking area sweeper, or a garage sweeper, you can count on our sweepers to get the job done.

    A belt loader, also known as a baggage belt loader, baggage conveyor, or baggage loader, is a piece of ground support equipment (GSE) used at airports and airfields to load and unload baggage and cargo from aircraft. It is typically used to transport luggage, cargo, and other items between the terminal and the aircraft for loading and unloading operations. Belt loaders are commonly used in the aviation industry to facilitate the efficient handling of baggage and cargo during aircraft turnaround operations. Here's an overview of the key components and operation of a typical belt loader:

    Deicing Equipment

    Deicing equipment is used at airports and airfields to remove ice, snow, and frost from aircraft surfaces, such as wings, fuselage, tail, and engines, in order to ensure safe and efficient operation of aircraft during winter or cold weather conditions. Deicing equipment helps prevent the build-up of ice and snow on aircraft surfaces, which can adversely affect aerodynamics, increase weight, and reduce visibility, leading to potential safety hazards.

    Ground Power Unit (GPU)

    Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a device used at airports and airfields to supply electrical power to parked aircraft when their engines are not running. GPUs are typically used during ground operations, such as aircraft maintenance, servicing, cleaning, and boarding, to provide power for various aircraft systems, including avionics, lighting, heating/cooling, and other electrical functions

    Airport Mu-Meter

    The Mu-Meter Mk. 6 offers a comprehensive, fully portable means of compling runway friction reports and contaminant drag measurement data without the need for specialist towing vehicles.

    Washers Truck

    An airport washers truck, also known as an airport runway sweeper or a runway cleaner, is a specialized vehicle used for cleaning runways, taxiways, and aprons at airports. These trucks are designed to remove debris, rubber, dirt, and other foreign objects from airport surfaces to maintain safe and operational runways for aircraft.

    An aircraft refueler truck, also known as an aviation fuel truck or an aircraft refueling truck, is a specialized vehicle used for the delivery of fuel to aircraft on the ground. These trucks are designed to transport and dispense aviation fuel, such as jet fuel or aviation gasoline, to airplanes at airports or other aviation facilities.

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