Company Overview

KARSAZ, with a history of approximately 70 years of experience and goodwill, assists various industrial categories by providing plants and equipment, componentry, spare parts, accessories, and technical service support to meet their needs.

Some of our main services include, but are not limited to:

1. Providing Security and Screening Solutions.  
2. Consulting, Planning, Engineering.
3. Procurement, Construction (EPC Contractor) of New and
Upgradation of Commercial & Naval Shipyard.
4. Material Handling.
5. Waste Management.
6. Aviation Industry.
7. Illumination & Lighting Solutions.
8. Dredging of Ports & Harbors; Operation & Maintenance Services.
9. Food Inspection (Scanning & Inspection).

KARSAZ, with a commitment to quality management, safety at work, and customer satisfaction, has broadened, its business internationally by joining global leaders in offering world-class trading, technical services, and engineering consultancy services, reinforcing worldwide corporate alliances, and being recognized by world-renowned certification bodies.



Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable engineering solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. We strive to deliver exceptional service and products that enhance performance and efficiency in all industries. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


“To become technical integral part with our customer.”

We are committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectations while offering them:


The right system and
equipment for their
operational needs.


Assist and guide them
to achieve best possible


Adhering to the international safety & environmental practices.

Our Values



KARSAZ believe in continual improvement in deliverance by understanding process flow.

Customer Safety


While imparting training and assigning jobs to our worker, KARSAZ practices zero tolerance policy in safety manners.



KARSAZ is providing excellence to the
customers by maintaining desired standards in our products, solutions and services.


Customer Satisfaction

KARSAZ’s esteemed customers becomes its ambassadors. A satisfied customer is a guarantee of our business and organizational growth.



KARSAZ holds itself accountable to the prudent, ethical and performance standards.

Sustainable Development Goals

Decent Work and
Economic Growth


We are committed to promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth through the provision of sustainable and innovative engineering solutions. Additionally, we strive to create productive and decent work opportunities for our employees, contributing to full and productive employment and decent work for all. Furthermore, we prioritize the development and improvement of our employee’s skills through training and skills development opportunities.

As a company in the engineering services industry, we are committed to promoting sustainable and innovative practices that foster innovation and inclusivity. Additionally, we are dedicated to building infrastructure that is resilient to environmental challenges through our work on infrastructure projects. Furthermore, we strive to improve the industry, innovation and infrastructure sector by working on projects related to transportation, energy, and communication.

Industry, Innovation
and Infrastructure


Equal Employment


At KARSAZ, we’re proud to be an organization that champions equality and provides every employee with an equal opportunity to thrive. We believe that regardless of your race, religion, national origin, gender, everyone should have a level playing field to excel and advance in their careers. We’ve built a workplace culture where fairness and inclusivity are at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to equal opportunities isn’t just a policy; it’s our guiding principle. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every member of our team can reach their full potential, free from discrimination.

As an engineering service company, we are committed to working collaboratively with various stakeholders to advance sustainable development. This includes forming partnerships with governments and other organizations to support sustainable development projects, collaborating with civil society organizations to promote sustainable development, social inclusion and gender equality, and engaging with other private sector companies to share best practices and knowledge related to sustainability and sustainable development.

Partnerships for

the Goals


Message from Board Members

While you will be navigating our website, we hope you to learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of integrated and diversified service and equipment provider in an effort to build world a better place.

We have earned the trust and respect of our customers for one simple reason that we have great They are experts in their fields. They bring a strong service ethos to everything they do. They take pride and ownership in the jobs they do. We pull together the right people, processes and expertise to take service from “good service ” to great. We bring passion, pride and expertise together.



Educational &

Welfare Organization

Karsaz Education & Welfare Organization (KEWO), is a nationwide network of comprehensive training system which is based on strategic partnership with enthusiastic individuals, willing to invest and further the cause of education. kewo aims to become a reliable partner of the parents and society to cultivate young generation and provide value-based learning. kewo makes each student a well-groomed person with extreme motivation, creative ideas and supreme talents so that they…

Basic Life Support

Career Counseling




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    Head Office

    1st Floor, Ehtesham Centre, 10th East Street, Phase 1, D.H.A. Karachi-75500, Pakistan.

    Regional Office

    Suite No: X-08 Ground Floor, Block 8, DHA Business Bay, Phase VII, Bahria Town.

    Regional Office

    House No: 77, Ahmad Ehsan Road, Ameeruddin park,
    Joray Pull.

    Regional Office

    DHA, Business Bay

    Regional Office

    Ahmed Ehsan Road


    Ehtesham Centre

    Site Office


    Site Office

    Indus Motor Company

    Site Office


    Site Office

    Qasim International Container Terminal

    Mehran Town


    KARSAZ has been facilitating various industrial sectors for imports/wholesale/retail business of plant & equipment, componentry, spare parts, accessories and technical service support.

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