Food Industry

KARSAZ Group associated with Eagle Product Inspection in 2014 as an agent for Pakistan. Eagle, formerly known as Smiths Detection, was established in 1998 as a cooperative venture between experts in the product inspection field and the Smiths Group. As pioneers in x-ray inspection technology, Eagle Product Inspection is enhancing the physical contamination detection and quality inspection capabilities of food and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

In order to meet required food quality standards and increase exports of Pakistani food products we offer most advanced solutions available to prevent physical contamination in food products from a world leading brand.

X-ray inspection:  World-class technology for exceptional contaminant detection performance and quality assurance, like Glass shards, Metal fragments, Mineral stone, plastic and rubber compounds and Calcified bone.
Fat analysis: Food inspection technology that provides a non-invasive and highly-accurate inline method of measuring the chemical lean (CL) or fat content of meat trimmings and ground beef.
Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology: that enhances traditional x-ray inspection.